We are exporting of Turkey and the world's best quality Antep Pistachio products.

Gaziantep, Turkey

Nizip Yeni Fıstık Hali No: 57 İ4


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Polat Fıstık

Polat Fıstık exports best quality Antep Pistachio varieties through Turkey and all over the world. The company offers Pistachio products in retail and wholesale to the market as Roasted Pistachio, Pistachio, Powdered Pistachio which is processed in its own production facility.

We take care that all the products we Process and export are of 1st class quality. We proceed the orders of our customers transparently and follow up until the products reach their recipients.

Antep Pistachio

We are offering first class Antep Pistachio products; at the service of domestic and foreign customers as wholesale, retail or raw.

Pistachio Kernel

We supply special Antep Pistachio kernels and powdered pistachios for Baklava, Turkish Delight, Chocolate and Halva manufacturers.

Special Prices for Our First Class Pistachio Products


Why Polat Fıstık  

24 Years of Experience

Based on our experience in the Textile and Construction Sectors, we have been operating in the field of Natural Food Agricultural Products since 2011.

All Natural Products

All the products we produce, process and sell are planted, collected and processed under the most natural conditions and come to your table while preserving this naturalness..

Firs Class Quality

All our products have been registered in Turkey and the world's best quality products, products are First Class.

Honest and Reliable Trade

We continue to be the first choice of our customers by always providing honest, reliable and fast services in all domestic and international order processes.


More Than 200 International Customers

Polat Fıstık

We supply products to our customers from all over the world.
We take care that all our products are of 1st Class Quality.
We manage all order processes transparently and follow up until the products we export reach their recipients.
Thus, we deliver our quality products to our customers in a fast and reliable way.

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